Hey Jenny McCarthy - Thanks A Lot!

Major measles outbreaks are occurring because people are avoiding vaccinations. Why are they avoiding vaccinations? Because morons like Jenny McCarthy say vaccinations cause autism and morons like Oprah Winfrey giver her a vehicle to spew her garbage to the public. Then there are the morons in media outlets which do very little to counter her claims with real science.

Measles Outbreak Spreads to 15 States, Largest in 10 Years
"Cases started springing up in May, when more than 70 people in a dozen states became ill. According to federal health officials, most of the victims were not vaccinated against the highly contagious virus."

"What concerns me is the trend of more and more people not vaccinating their children because of fears that vaccines cause autism — although no studies have proven this to be true," Dr. Joseph Rahimian, an infectious disease specialist at St. Vincent's Hospital in Manhattan, told FOXNews.com in May.

Why anyone would trust Jenny McCarthy is beyond me. I feel sorry for those who contracted the disease, but if they took Jenny's advice over their doctor's, then the results are not unexpected. Even though vaccinations have eliminated measles in the United States, the disease can still be contracted abroad by those unvaccinated. It can then be brought home and transferred to other school children, who, again if not vaccinated, will be susceptible. A tiny percentage of the population who choose not to get vaccinated are depending on others to be vaccinated to prevent an all out epidemic. However, once this percentage rises to 10% or more, there is a significant chance that outbreaks will occur. Measles, if you didn't know, can be fatal. Although rare, the potential exists.

So, let's all thank Jenny McCarthy for her service in pseudoscience and the real dangers she brings to her countrymen.


Cleanser said...

Dear Jenny,

Fuck you.

(Or was that not grateful enough?)

Yojimbo said...

Here in the Seattle area we're now dealing with a serious outbreak of Pertussis, because so many local parents have been drinking the McCarthy kool-aid. Duh!

Gnukenpaver said...

Some 'tard actually chastised me for getting my son vaccinated as directed.

I asked this individual why I should take the advice of some media tart, her dork boyfriend and the pop media over established science. The result was some rambling stupidity about The Government and "cover-ups" and a bunch of other crap. So sad.

Autism is real, but the search for the cause or cure is hamstrung by folks who cling to the wooowoooo and then make a fuss about it. These poor fools are impeding those who hunt for the cause of autism.