Tuna Qi Woo

This world's barrel of woo is bottomless. Now Japan is performing acupuncture on their tuna.
Acupuncture used to improve flavour of tuna for sushi
Their prized terriers are given samba-dancing lessons, their choicest beef herds are treated to daily massages and now, in an effort to produce the most delicious sushi in the world, Japanese tuna are to be given acupuncture.

The company in Osaka that patented the technique claimed that calm tuna thrashed about less in their death throes. Once the fish have received the brief treatment the blood becomes purer and the flesh has a better flavour, Toshiro Urabe, the president of the Osakana Planning Company, said.
Silly? Wacky? Nutty? I really don't think the word has been invented that can adequately describe the sillywackynuttiness of tuna acupuncture. So I hereby copyright tunaqiwoo. Now to wait as the money pours in.

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