The Final Space Shuttle Missions

NASA has set the dates for the final ten space shuttle missions. One is the last Hubble reservicing mission and two are International Space Station contingency flights. The dates are

10/08/08 - Atlantis (STS-125) to Hubble
11/10/08 - Endeavour (STS-126) to ISS Servicing
02/12/09 - Discovery (STS-119) to ISS Assembly
05/15/09 - Endeavour (STS-127) to ISS Assembly (I know one of the astronauts on this mission - maybe I can wrangle a site pass)
07/30/09 - Atlantis (STS-128) to ISS Assembly
10/15/09 - Discovery (STS-129) to ISS Servicing
12/10/09 - Endeavour (STS-130) to ISS Assembly (with Cupola, finally!)
02/11/10 - Atlantis (STS-131) to ISS Assembly
04/08/10 - Discovery (STS-132) to ISS Assembly
05/31/10 - Endeavour (STS-133) to ISS Assembly

Don't miss your chance to head to Florida and see a shuttle launch. You can check your local Representative's or Senator's website to request onsite passes, or you can head to the beach. Anywhere within 10 to 15 miles of the launch pad is almost guaranteed to give you a good look as the shuttle vaults into orbit. But there really is nothing like being on the grounds of Cape Canaveral. I've been to shuttle three launches, not including one that was delayed day after day.

Just a slice of Americana that shouldn't be passed up...

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