UK Medicine Joins The 21st Century

UK had five homeopathic hospitals. One just closed up shop. In 2005, UK physicians gave out 83,000 homeopathic prescriptions. In 2007, this had dropped to 49,000. Meanwhile, overall prescriptions rose from 720 million to 796 million. There has been a definite shift in attitude regarding homeopathy. Perhaps people are realizing it is just water or sugar pills. Perhaps they are finding out that there is NO reliable evidence supporting homeopathy.
GPs shun homeopathy as prescriptions halve
But Dr Tim Robinson, a GP who provides a local homeopathic service in Dorset, said the huge drop reflected an orchestrated ‘hate campaign’ against homeopathy that had been led by Professor Ernst.

‘Patients are not asking for it because of what has been written in the press and this also reflects the disillusionment of medical homeopaths with the system and cuts in funding from PCTs,’ he said.
NOTHING is stopping manufacturers of homeopathic remedies from seeking formal approval and licensing their so-called medicines. All they have to do is provide evidence of quality, safety, and efficacy. So, was their a rush for approval?

The Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency revealed only two homeopathic remedies had applied for a licensed medical indication under their National Rules Scheme launched in September 2006.

Neither application has been approved.

Homeopaths are drowning in their own woo. The Brits are deciding that they're tired of years of snake oil salesmen, their lies, and their foolish products. To that, I say Huzzah!

As for those who are missing their remedies, just go to your sink. The faucet labeled Hot is for Hot Flashes. The one labeled Cold is for The Common Cold. See? It was free all along.

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AndyD said...

Hmmm, if the numbers of homeopathic prescriptions is being diluted, does this actually mean more people are using them?