CBS News Gives Up On 'Trust'

Once upon a time, the CBS News Anchor, in the person of Walter Cronkite, was known as "the most trusted person in the world". These days, CBS News has shied away from that responsibility and they've done so in a most heinous fashion. As watchers of the evening news, we've learned to expect a lot of hype and fancy graphics and scare-mongering and, yes, even bias during the prime time news shows. But I also expect that when the anchor asks questions of a guest, the guest's answer would be aired. Perhaps it might be edited for time or to get past all the "uhhhs" and straight to the juicy meat, but I would never think that the evening news would actually pick and choose a response from another question entirely and match it up with the original question.

Follow me? Katie Couric asked John McCain a question regarding the surge in Iraq. John McCain gave some answer in which he evidently screwed up the timeline, indicating a misunderstanding about recent history. OK...no big deal. Liberals might hammer him on this, but he might have "mispoke" or, more likely, "misremembered". But CBS News didn't play that answer to the question. They played the answer from some subsequent question.


Does this even qualify as news anymore? No. It's CBS making the news what they want it to be. At the most fundamental, basic, basic, BASIC level of journalism, this is manifestly wrong, dishonest, and not news. I'd have to say that this is glaringly worse than what got Dan Rather fired.

So longer Walter. Good night Mr. Murrow.

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