Brain Drain

That whooshing sound this past Saturday wasn't the wind...it was the sucking sound from a large American intellectual low pressure system forming over Los Angeles, CA, specifically centered on the Generation Rescue fund raiser. Dense clouds of stupidity developed, absurdity condensed, and gusts of inanity reached hurricane intensities. History will record this as the perfect storm of wackiness as the likes of Jenny McCarthy, Brittney Spears, Charlie Sheen, Hugh Heffner, and Jim Carrey all came together to push their agenda of linking vaccinations to autism, despite the lack of scientific evidence.

Orac has a great writeup at the Respectful Insolence blog, noting that these zealots have quitely moved the goal posts to broaden the link of autism to "enviornmental causes". Meanwhile, America continues to take its toll in disease outbreaks as well-meaning but ill-informed parents refuse to vaccinate their children.

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