Bare Chested Mormons

More women swoon for more men Mormons, or at least those hunky types just back from their missionary positions. In 2007, twelve such individuals posed shirtless for a pinup calendar, currently on sell at Mormons Exposed. By showing off their ripped Moronis and bulging Nephis, Chad Hardy, the calendar's creator, says
The Men on a Mission calendar is intended to be a light-hearted and fun spin on a social taboo. Far too much fear, hatred, anger and violence is committed in the name of religion. By showing these missionaries as regular people, we hope to build a common thread that can break down some of the barriers that have been built up. Driven by the desire to serve as an advocate for change, Mormons Exposed created a national product that consumers everywhere can find humorous and enjoyable.

Alas for poor Chad, it seems the presence of so much beef-cake in their midst is not an image the Church of Latter Day Saints would like to project. So, they excommunicated poor Chad. Somehow, I doubt Chad is too concerned over the consequences of his religious ignominy:
Hardy has been inactive in the Mormon church for the past six years. He no longer pays tithing or wears the religious undergarments considered sacred. In an interview last week, Hardy said he had always struggled to fit in and live up to the expectations of membership.

Some of the models were also called in for punishment. Apparently they weren't excommunicated. Maybe they were just given a spanking, instantly converting a few hundred volunteers in the process.

And finally, any last words from Hardy?
"This calendar is my contribution to society," Hardy says. "We need to get over ourselves."

And next year, Hardy promises, "it's girls."


C said...

I usually try not to laugh at the Mormon missionaries who come to my door, just politely brush them off -- I have no doubt they get their fair share of abuse, and they walk around in the heat and bad weather...

But between "beef-cake calendar" and "religious undergarments considered sacred", I'm going to have a hard time keeping a straight face next time they come by.

The skepTick said...

The magic underwear is enough to do it for me.

Anonymous said...

Banned Utah Humor !

(1) Three levels of LDS heaven: celestial, terrestrial, cholesterol !
(2) LDS houses are painted by Ladder-Day Saints.
(3) Brigham Young, when looking down on the Salt Lake Valley, said "This is the place." How come so many folks settled in that valley if he looked down on it?
(4) Did Adam Swapp get his wives at a Swapp meet?
(5) New Mormon cat food: 9 Wives !
(6) What's a plastic covered Indian? A laminated Lamanite. Of course I've known this since I was Nephite to a grasshopper.
(7) Mormon: Someone who is more man than woman. Is "Mormon" short for "More Money"?
(8) Mormonism teaches that we can know truth if there is a "burning in the bosom." Joseph Smith was the first Mormon who had a bosom below his belt !
(9) Brigham lived in the Lion House which helped him to keep on Lion.
(10) Utah is the only state where you can spell "Moron" with two m's. And it's the only state where the sheep take care of the cattle !

(Glenn Beck, Jon Huntsman Jr., Warren Jeffs, Thomas Monson, and Mitt Romney did not approve of the above humor.)

[Above bit seen on net - Kay]