Tackling The Myth of Gravity

It is only satire but it's a nice illustration of the Discovery Institute's tactics against the theory of evolution.

Discovery Institute Takes on Gravity Myth
Hot on the heels of a recent Louisiana victory in the fight against evolution, the Seattle-based think tank Discovery Institute held a press conference Thursday to announce their latest initiative: defeating the myth of gravity.

Robert Crowther, Discovery’s director of communications was visibly excited as he detailed the Institute’s plan for attacking what he refers to as the sloppy, inaccurate, and overtly biased portrayal of the theory of gravity.

We should also expect them to put the earth back at the center of the solar system.


Cleanser said...

I knew an engineer who had the exciting theory that gravity wasn't caused by teeny objects getting pulled towards larger objects, but rather some sort of combination of angular momentum and lots of gibberish inserted into sentences at random (at least, that's what I took away from the discussion).

Thankfully, he doesn't have (1) an audience, and (2) a large budget and political agenda to overturn science education...

The skepTick said...

Isn't General Relativity weird enough? Why do people think they have to come up with something wackier and less aesthetic than GR?